Trademark Registration Ensures Full Ownership on Mark to CompanyTrademarks 

Trademark Registration Ensures Full Ownership on Mark to Company

Every company has its own identity. They use different types of symbols for organization. Such symbols are known as a trademark or trade mark or trade-mark. They use it for various product or services. Such marks help them to indicate their own identity. In order to have legal authority on mark, they undergo procedure of trademark registration. Trademark is in formed of a name, word phrase, logo, symbol, design, image etc. Its registration helps company to go for legal proceedings against its misuses. It is a part of intellectual property right. Without registration of trademark, company struck to a reserved geographic area. So registrations opens door of the industry to expand his business in larger part of country. If any company get a legal authority on any mark then, they get right to banned identifiable mark used by others in any corner of the nation. The company has right to undergo for any legal proceedings on the misuse of trademark. Its registration makes company its real owner. To expand business in international market, company has to follow same rule of registration of its trademark. Hence with international registration of its trademark, company gets full authority on its tagline or symbol and takes any legal action against its misuse in any nick and corner of the world. International registration establishes jurisdiction to file a trademark infringement action at plaintiff’s place of business. Same to the procedure of trademark, logo registration is needed for logo identification and individual logo identity of organization. Its registration works to avoid confusion in mixing of logos with other. For registration of logo, the company has to show bona fide intent to make use of logo in its company. The company head has to apply an application for registration a logo for company. Legally, registration provide complete ownership and it is ascertained a protection cover on its mark and logo. It also gives the power of trademark litigation, through which company can undergo any legal procedure.

According to the rules of trademark litigation laws, “one can follow procedure of legal action against the misuse or copy of its trademark”. It is most common in civil lawsuits. As organization needs privacy with individual identity thus such litigation process help one to solve disputes controversy and issues.In order to check out about used logo or mark, analytical and comprehensive activity of research has been done by trademark search. The search provide about the prior user and legal owner of trademark.The basic search program includes applications for trademarks in India and registered trademarks. This search is only for required and relevant information, but every possible effort has been made to ensure accurate results. The main purpose of a trademark search is to determine if someone has already trademarked your intended mark. To register trademarks, Company has to come under the roof of trademark office. The trademark office provides protection to innovative and latest marks of company. It registered trademarks on the criteria of either the principal register or the supplement register. Mainly, trademark office promotes industrial and technological progresses and also strengthens the national economy by administrating the laws relating to patents and trademarks. With the head office at Kolkata, other branches of trademark office in india are located at Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.

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