Understanding Compensation For Accident InjuriesPersonal Injury 

Understanding Compensation For Accident Injuries

It is very common knowledge that when you are injured in an accident you are entitled to receive compensation for your injuries and losses. It is not commonly known, however, that accident injury compensation is not always fair and it is not guaranteed. The Insurance Industry An insurance policy is a product that provides a service to the buyer in the event of an emergency. There are many different types of policies to cover the many different types of events that can take place. Insurance companies receive payments for these policies on the promise that they will be fair and honest and pay the injured party if a claim is made. Sadly, many of these insurance companies “forget” what their policies are supposed to provide and the insurance adjustors become very unfair with their claims. In some instances, these insurance adjustors refuse to pay on a claim at all, even though the event is covered in the policy. This is known as “Bad Faith” and it is wrong. When a bad faith measure has been made, either by offering the injured party a very low and unfair settlement, or by denying the claim altogether, the victim of the accident has the right to hire an attorney to fight this action. If the injured party has already filed for accident injury compensation, the attorney may need to file a bad faith action to make the insurance company comply. Hiring An Attorney Since this type of problem with the insurance company is not as rare as you may have hoped, it is important to seek out legal representation from a law firm that has experience in personal injury claims. You will want to find an attorney that is not afraid to face the insurance companies and let them know when they are breaching their duties and committing an act of bad faith. You want an experienced firm that will aggressively represent you. Choose your attorney carefully, and be aware it’s not just skill and experience that is required but more often than not, the attorney or law firm must have the financial resources to be able to aggressively pursue a lengthy court case. Insurance company lawyers will continually seek to postpone any trial or any legal interaction because the longer the case goes on, the more it will cost the plaintiff’s law firm and the client to continue with the case. This tactic is used by the insurance company to pressure the plaintiff’s attorney to seek a quick settlement out of court for less money rather than stick it out for a length case that could be month or maybe years before getting through the red tape to bring the case before a jury.

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