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The Growing Concern About E-scooter Safety

The pilot program for electric scooters was launched by the City of Tampa in May 2019. Tampa will have four vendors place 2,400 E scooters on the streets. After the pilot period ends, city officials will decide whether to continue with the program. The scooters are not permitted on East Seventh Street or Bayshore Boulevard.

What Are E-Scooters?

A variety of companies offer electric scooters, also called E-scooters. These include Bird, Lime, and Spin. An app must be downloaded to enable the user to use an electric scooter. Once they have entered their credit card information, they can then scan and locate the scooter. The E-scooter can be then left at the destination. E-scooters are allowed to travel at 20 mph on sidewalks.

E-Scooters Can Be Unsafe

Although E-scooters are convenient, they are not the safest mode of transportation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discovered that there has been an increase in visits to emergency rooms for fractures, dislocations, and head traumas since scooters hit the streets of cities across America. According to the CDC, 45% of scooter accidents resulted in head injury.

These injuries are often caused by riders not wearing protective gear while riding scooters. Although most riders will agree to wear a helmet when using an E-scooter for the first time, the majority of riders don’t have any. They are especially vulnerable to serious injuries.

Negligent drivers could cause accidents with scooters. Scooters are low-profile and can be hard for drivers to see. E-scooters require drivers to respect their space, especially when crossing streets. Failure to comply can lead to catastrophic injury.

Contact A Tampa Bay Accident Attorney

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