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Hiring an Accident Attorney – Get a combo of knowledge and experience

Accidents are uncertain and unfortunate events. According to 2017 WSDOT data, a car accident in Washington occurs every 4 minutes. The trauma that the sufferer would have to go through, is too deep and can be long-lasting, in terms of mental as well as physical injuries. And the cost of damage and treatment, adds more to their miseries. In such an unpleasant turn of events, it is rather devastating to fight for your rights of accidents claim.

Hiring an accident attorney is recommended, in case personal negotiations are not looking promising or you are not satisfied with the provided compensation. We understand that those times are desperate, but to get a claim of your expectations, you must invest a reasonable time in hiring an accident attorney.

The best choice would be the practitioner who exhibits knowledge over the subject matter and have a substantial experience, in this field. Try to follow this checklist, to identify the most suitable accident attorney to represent your type of case.

  • First things first, the location

Your search for an attorney must be limited by the state or area of the occurrence of the accident, under the jurisdiction of which, the attorney is licensed to practice the case of accidents and injuries.

  • A specialized area of practice

A legal firm like Khan Law Firm PLLC, which works dedicatedly to handle different kinds of accidents and personal injury claims, must be the first-in-line, among your list of choices. You can further search if they can handle more specialized accident cases, such as accidents due to fault in consumer products.

  • Reputation

Reputation can be assessed by the website of the firm or their social media profiles. Many comparison sites would help you with ratings and reviews about the attorney. Look for a lawyer with a positive reputation in your community. Personal recommendations are even better.

  • Practicing experience for your kind of case

The attorneys who have been involved with legal cases similar to yours, for a longer period, have more relatable instances for reference.

  • A disciplinary record for the attorney

Though you may have researched for their reputation earlier, you might want to look if they have had any complaint filed against them or the firm they are representing. Are there any instances of suspension or barring of services? The best way is to look at the Washington State Bar official website and investigate the legal directory to know more about your attorney.

  • Experience in trial or out-of-court settlement

Some people are not litigious, which means, even in case of claiming compensation for their own injuries, they do not want to take the hassle of going into the court; rather, they will make the settlement out of the courtroom. Based on your nature, who can look into your chosen attorney’s track record in this field.

  • Winning record

Winning ratio is the most lucrative reason to hire an attorney. And it is so because of obvious reasons; the lawyers who win most of the time must have been doing things correctly and have the capability to adapt according to the legal situation.

To be more certain of your choice, many firms provide you with a free consultation session with their attorneys. Schedule with them and see if you can find yourself in tune with their work style and assurance of winning the claim.


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