The Visa to Saint Lucia Now

To visit Saint Lucia, you need a visa, which is issued at the British Consulate General and the documents are submitted to the Visa Centers. Applicants residing in areas where there are no visa centers must apply at the Visa Center in New York.

The period for obtaining a visa depends on the timing of the intended trip:

  • For a period of less than 28 days of registration without a request to the island for 3 weeks.
  • For a period of 28 days or more, from 3 weeks with a request to Saint Lucia. Interview is also possible.

The cost of the consular fee is paid in rubles when submitting documents to the Visa center and in case of refusal is not returned. He has 2000$).

The following documents are required for obtaining a visa:

  • 1 completed and signed application form ( download form VAF-8B ) (the application form should be two-sided on A4 sheet);
  • international passport, which is valid for at least 6 months at the time of return, with free pages;
  • 2 fresh color photos of size 3.5 x 4.5 cm on a light background without an oval;
  • invitation from partners or confirmation of hotel reservation;
  • a certificate from your current place of work on the letterhead of the organization indicating your position, salary, length of service;
  • students need a certificate from the school;
  • old international passport (a), especially in the case of filing a new passport for a visa;
  • documents confirming the availability of funds, i.e., recent bank statements, salary receipts or tax documents stamped by the tax inspectorate, showing that you or your sponsor are able to pay for the trip and that there is enough money to pay for accommodation and expenses while staying in Saint Lucia;
  • Welcome (but not required) the provision of documents for a car, land or real estate.

To travel in certain states of the world, Romanians need to obtain a tourist visa prior to their cruise departure. For that a visit to is important now. The necessary documents for obtaining the visa, as well as the requirements for obtaining them, may vary without any prior notice. Therefore, please consult the consulate of the countries you will be visiting when you booked the cruise. Club Cruise members benefit from free visa processing (for countries that do not require personal presence for the interview). To prepare your visa dossier and deposit and pick up at the embassy, ​​we charge a $ 15 per person. Learn how to become a Member to get free of charge for this service. Such investment and subsequent citizenship are not parts of easy equation and therefore, needs to be essentially checked before reaching a conclusion.

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