Talk to a Social Security Disability Attorney before Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

If you plan to file a claim for social security disability benefits, it’s recommended to move forward with the help of a competent SSD attorney in Tacoma. Most claimants who choose to represent themselves in these cases end up getting frustrated with the complicated process of filing an SSD claim and aren’t even sure if they will get approved. Here are the benefits of consulting with a social security disability lawyer before filing a claim.

A lawyer knows the medical evidence you need to win your case

The most important factor in winning a social disability claim is presenting a piece of convincing medical evidence. Most SSD applicants don’t know the medical details to include in the claim paperwork and end up submitting the wrong or irrelevant information to the Social Security Administration.

The primary reason applicants who seek the services of an attorney pursue their claims successfully is that lawyers already know the right pieces of evidence needed to get a social security disability claim approved. An experienced social security disability lawyer can review your claim, determine whether or not you need more medical details. The lawyer will then work with you to acquire the right medical records, prepare flawless claim paperwork, and submit it to the Social Security Administration.

The lawyer will ensure that all irrelevant details are eliminated before you submit the claim. If your claim goes to trial and is still fluffy, administrative law judges often get aggravated if they must sift through poorly prepared and irrelevant records.

Additionally, a supportive opinion from a medical expert is critical to winning your claim. Sometimes, medical experts might be unwilling to help people filing social security disability claims. This is because some doctors don’t even understand how the entire disability process works or maybe too busy to provide the details you need.

In most cases, medical experts are more likely to respond to a lawyer’s request rather than a patient’s request. After all, social security disability lawyers have experienced with medical experts, and it’s often better for the doctor to address a lawyer’s questions than the applicant. The medical expert’s willingness to help could increase your chances of winning your claim.

Lawyers know the hearing process

Most social security lawyers have an in-depth understanding and many years of experience with the hearing process. This gives them the specialized skills required to win your case. Experienced lawyers also have learned to work through the process correctly perfectly to eliminate all possible difficulties and help the claimant to win the case.

The lawyer can handle the negative facts

It’s common for an applicant’s medical paperwork to contain details that could harm their claim. Lawyers usually refer to such details as ‘bad facts.’ For instance, a doctor’s opinion might insinuate that the claimant is exaggerating some symptoms. No matter the specifics of these negative facts, a good lawyer can always confront the Administrative Law Judges and explain the issues in a way that minimizes the overall damage to your social security disability claim.

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