Erb’s Palsy Lawyer

Erb’s palsy is a condition that results from the damage of an infant’s arm nerve during labor and delivery. Consequentially, this damage can lead to weakness, lack of sensation, or even worse cause paralysis in part or the entire arm.

In case of this eventuality, an Erb’s palsy lawyer is always contracted by the infant’s parent to file a lawsuit to seek compensation. For this, you will definitely need an experienced attorney to help you out.

You are likely to win the lawsuit if the lawyer can determine that there was a medical malpractice that led to these kind of injuries. There are numerous occasions where Erb’s palsy in your child can come as a result of the doctor’s fault.

First and foremost, it is the responsibility of the medical practitioners to monitor and determine any complications that might occur to pregnant women.

If you have an abnormally large child or when the fetus is showing signs of becoming breech, it is the responsibility of the doctor to notice this kind of complications and recommend a C-section rather than the normal birth. This is an appropriate delivery method used to prevent Erb’s palsy.

The doctors can also be held accountable for these kind of injuries depending on the amount of force they used during the delivery process. If the head of the baby gets stuck within the birth canal or presents as breech, other medical practitioners or doctors may feel the urge or pressure to use excessive force to remove the baby from the womb to prevent damage to the baby’s brain due to an insufficient oxygen supply.

During this misjudged pulling is when the baby might damage the arm’s nerves leading to Erb’s palsy. Additionally, using forceps or other inappropriate tool can also lead nerve damage.

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Find an Erb’s Palsy Attorney

If you are suspecting any foul play from doctors that led to the injury of your child during delivery, you should quickly get in touch with an Erb’s palsy lawyer to evaluate the situation and file for a lawsuit.

It is essential to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible when you still have fresh details about the accident. It has been noted that most doctors and medical practitioners tamper with evidence to exonerate themselves from the blames.

It’s important to work with experienced lawyers in this kind of case if you want to increase your chances of winning the case. Without expert advice, there are high chances of jeopardizing the compensation chances for your child. Contact a lawyer with a good track record of winning cases dealing with birth injuries.

Your attorney should be in a position to prove that he or she has managed to win compensation for cases similar to yours and that the clients were happy and fully contented with the services provided. Additionally, check on the lawyer’s reviews and ratings. You can read reviews online from professional writers or search for the reviews of the lawyer at his or her official website.

Filing Lawsuits

When your child has Erb’s palsy, there are several things you will need to prove to file a lawsuit alleging medical negligence or malpractice.

A well founded lawsuit will effortlessly indicate that your caregivers or doctors had the responsibility of caring for both you and the child during delivery. However, they failed to provide the necessary care that was required thus leading to the baby’s injury.

Compensation Potential

If it was due to a malpractice that your child got injured, then your caregivers failed in their responsibility of helping you deliver a healthy baby. It is also essential to consider the monetary compensation necessary for providing support and treatment for your child.

Contracting a well-experienced lawyer with a good track record of winning similar cases gives you an upper hand in getting the best possible compensation from the lawsuit. Numerous factors are considered in determining the settlement amount your child is eligible for.

These include evidence of negligence from the doctor, injury magnitude whether it is permanent or temporary, and the level of care that your child might need in future. Click here to know about Erb’s palsy compensation claims.

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