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5 Qualities to Look Out for in a Workers’ Comp Attorney

Whether you have been working in your job for more years than you care to imagine, or you’ve recently started, regardless of how careful you are, accidents can and do occur. If you have been injured through no fault of your own, it may be time to file a workers’ compensation claim. Should your employer dispute your claim, hiring a workers’ comp attorney may be for the best.

Picking the right lawyer to represent and manage your claim can be difficult, so here are some key qualities to look out for on your first consultation to help make up your mind.

Years of Experience

Without an experienced workers compensation attorney behind you, you may struggle to get the benefits you’re entitled to. You’ll find lawyers from far and wide who will fight for your case, but many of them may not be fit for the job. Experience matters, so you should begin your hunt for a lawyer who has the right expertise and knowledge. If your lawyer has decades of experience, you can be quietly confident they’ll know how to manage your claim successfully.

Strong Track Record

In addition to experience, your workers’ comp attorney must have a strong track record of winning claims. You can analyze this by reading former client’s reviews and testimonials. If you find that the majority of clients vouch for the lawyer, they will likely be trustworthy and reliable to bring on board. On the flip side, if you see negative review after negative review, this will fill you with doubt, and rightly so.


Being injured on the job can be emotionally distressing, especially if you have to take time off work. For those who have to give up work altogether, you may feel as though the future is bleak. It’s normal to feel anxious and worried, so having a workers’ comp lawyer who is compassionate can make a real difference and reduce stress levels. Knowing you have an attorney who genuinely cares about you will make the process run smoother.

Ethics and Good Judgment

No two workers’ comp lawyers are the same. Even if they have the same years of experience, they will handle cases entirely differently. Above anything else, you must find an ethical attorney. Should the lawyer have a not-so-clean past, you must cross them off your list. Your workers’ comp attorney should have moral beliefs that align with your own. The last thing you want is to pick a lawyer who is dishonest and uses sleazy tactics when building your lawsuit.

Communication Skills

We all understand how important communication is in the workplace, so when it comes to hiring an expert lawyer, communication skills are a must. After all, your workers’ comp lawyer is going to be the one person you converse with throughout your claim, so you need someone who is easy to talk to and can explain confusing law language in easy-to-follow terms.

Being injured at work can not only be crippling mentally and physically, but financially too. You shouldn’t delay in filing your workers’ compensation claim, so if you need a lawyer to step in, they must possess all the traits above.

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