Family Law and Divorce 

Tips for Finding Trusted Family Lawyers in Your Area

Are you looking for family lawyers? Family Lawyers are responsible for the legal side of personal arrangements within a family. This could involve divorce and custody agreements, adoption, and the creation of financial agreements prior to marriage, such as a prenuptial arrangement. Some family lawyers also are vital to the process of will creation and appointing powers of attorney for their clients. If you’researching for family lawyers, youlikely need help with one or more of the above issues. However, family legal tasks are very private, which means you don’t want just anyone on board to work with your family legal arrangements. You need to find the right family lawyers for you and the matters that you need attended to. Here are some tips to get you started.

Ask Friends and Family

You can get great referrals to family lawyers from friends and family if they’ve gone through a similar legal issue to what you’re currently facing. A great advantage of asking friends and family for referrals is that you know they care about you, meaning they’re unlikely to give you a bad referral. It’s better to ask any family members or friends individually for referrals, rather than asking around the dinner table. Treat your legal issue with the respect and privacy it deserves.

Ask Business Associates

While you don’t want to overshare about personal problems, if a business associate has told you they’re facing a divorce or other matter involving family lawyers, then you could ask them for a referral. It’s usually best to only bring up your legal issue with a business associate if they’re also in the habit of disclosing personal information to you. It could make some people uncomfortable, so make sure they’ve brought it up first.

Search Online

If you don’t personally know anyone who can recommend family lawyers to you, then it might be time to do some of your own searching online. Just go ahead and search for family lawyers in your city, and you should find a long list of contenders. For example, Anderson & Graham is a Denver-based family law attorney so just by searching Denver attorneys you can find someone in that area. You can also look at reviews to see how past clients have rated each firm of family lawyers.

Ask an Association

Just like any other field, law has professional associations that you can search for reliable referrals of family lawyers. Search for family lawyer associations in your city to find a list of reputable associations. You can then contact these associations for referrals to their members.

Ask Questions

When you settle on a few family lawyers that you can choose from, make a list of questions covering everything from their experience through to the expected cost of the legal matter and your chances of winning. Most family lawyers offer a free or low-cost initial consultation, which is the bestplace to ask these questions and get a feel for whether these particular family lawyers are the right ones for you.


If you’re looking for family lawyers, there are a number of ways to find them. You can ask friends and family, business associates, search online for lawyers, or ask an association. It’s also useful to ask plenty of questions when you meet with family lawyers for an initial consultation.


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