Personal Injury 

The Growing Concern About E-scooter Safety

The pilot program for electric scooters was launched by the City of Tampa in May 2019. Tampa will have four vendors place 2,400 E scooters on the streets. After the pilot period ends, city officials will decide whether to continue with the program. The scooters are not permitted on East Seventh Street or Bayshore Boulevard. What Are E-Scooters? A variety of companies offer electric scooters, also called E-scooters. These include Bird, Lime, and Spin. An app must be downloaded to enable the user to use an electric scooter. Once they…

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California Income Tax Problems & FTB Audits

California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), is responsible for the enforcement of the California income tax laws. Some tax lawyers believe the FTB is more difficult to deal with than that of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Our California tax attorneys have extensive experience in negotiating tax solutions for both FTB tax audits and FTB tax liabilities. FTB tax audits are often not tax audits. They simply piggyback on IRS tax audit results. It’s almost a guarantee that if you have an IRS tax audit, the IRS will send the results…

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Family Law and Divorce 

Impacts Of Equal Custody And Parental Alienation On Children

Equal shared parenting and parental alienation are different things. In equal custody, both the divorced parents share an equal amount of time with their children. Whereas the term parental alienation refers to the psychological manipulation of the child by one of his parents about the other, and it results in unjustified resistance of the child to the other parent. A child’s equal custody has a lot of positive impacts on the child as well as his parents, while parental alienation causes a variety of negative impacts in the children along…

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